You Are Magnificent

The origin of the word encourage is “en-” “courage,” which means: “to cause (a person) to be in” [his] “heart.”

Encouragement speaks through the outer and goes straight to the heart.  It is seeing that spark of truth within another that he does not – that perhaps has never been recognized or acknowledged.  When we choose to look beyond our limited construct of expectation, we can see seeds of who a person is yearning to become.  Our words – our encouragement – become water to those gardens of purpose, passion, and truth.

Believing in people is a great gift.  Who are the people who believed in you?  In reflection, I can see that I excelled in the areas where I was encouraged – often becoming what was spoken over me.

When we speak into truth, into the heart, ego mind-stuff melts away.  Like in this film, one person truly seeing the light in another can spark transformation.  The showman stoops down to see Will on his level and says, “You are magnificent.”  In that moment, Will is seen as God made him, and from that moment on, Will can begin his pursuit of that truth.  Yes, he is tested – again and again – but with the spark of magnificence alive within, he has enough courage to take the next step until he meets his moment of glory – which, by the way, was not the high dive but the ability to inspire another little boy to experience the possibility of magnificence within him.

You, too, are magnificent.  Your biggest challenge can been your greatest source of inspiration one day.  I know this to be true because I am living it.  That part of you that you believe is most unlovable is the one that just might inspire the most love.  Be the spark…and pass it on.

♥ 90 Days of Love: 17/90 loving choices.
Little choices + time =  wholehearted change.

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