WOW: When the Process is Enough

“Activation and cultivation of the imagination is a practice.  Wildness is its breeding ground — wildness of place, wildness of heart and mind.” – Albert Flynn De Silver, Writing as a Path to Awakening

“Why am I writing?  I mean, what’s the point?” I say to my coach as serpent fingers of yearning try to grasp at certainty.

I am about 1/3 of the way through my 108 blog commitment, and while writing has become a steady and supportive through-line of my life as a young mother living abroad, I have also questioned its purpose.

Is the joy and fulfillment of the creative process enough?  This question is one I still wrestle with as a recovering achiever-at-all-costs.

I love a well-thought-out schedule, a fully devised plan; although I’ve created enough space in my life now to see that the magic rarely happens within a confined regimen.  Creative surprises occur when we have just enough structure to be truly free.

My Writing as a Path to Awakening Circle gathered this week to discuss this month’s topic: Imagination.  In the chapter, De Silver says, “Write for the sake of seeing what you have to say, for the pure curiosity of it.”

And that’s it.  Imagination and creativity are two of our most magical gifts, and both we get to employ for the pure curiosity of seeing what might arise as we engage in our practice.

Write without a plan.  Write without a point.  Do it without an editorial calendar or strategy.  Do it with the kindness and self-compassion to see what arises.

To the achievers and perfectionists out there, I dare you…and me…to choose love over certainty!

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