WOW: The Body’s Ability to Restore and Maintain Health

Our world is polluted.

As a mom of a young child, I am aware of this now more than ever.

Pesticides.  GMO’s.  Cleaning supplies.  Sunscreen.  Air.  Personal care products.  Preservatives.  This list can go on and on.

Recently, I found myself pretty worked up about all the ways I try to protect our family from harmful toxins.  As I stood over a bowl of conventional strawberries soaking in purified water while the faint scent of burning trash lingered in the air, my body went tense and my mind starting spinning.

Over the next day, I noticed that the root of my reaction was a feeling of helplessness.  All of these things were happening to me, and I had little power over them.  So, I took some time to comb the feeling and all that it contained – the anger, the rationalizations, and the fear.

Over the next day, something interesting started to happen.  While on the one hand, I was in action researching and talking with people about changes I could make, my perspective started to shift.  Instead of focusing on the pollutants, I started focusing on what I do have control over; and I realized…

Our bodies are incredible. Our bodies endure.

Even more, they thrive.

Yes, there are areas where extreme cases of toxicity and pollution are directly correlated to negative health effects.  And, yes, we must do our best to nourish our bodies and keep our systems working optimally.

But if I pause for a moment and realize all of the filtering my body is doing – the lungs, the liver, the skin, and wayyyy more than I even understand – I am wow’ed!

Our bodies are powerful organisms designed to restore and maintain health.

So today, let’s take a moment and celebrate that!

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