WOW: Fulfillment of the Heart

After playing with my daughter under a morning sky lit by the pink full moon, I walk up to my beachside office at Casa Azul for the last time during our stay in Baja this season.

Here, I have watched whales breech while clients shared victories; listened to birds underscore coaching certification calls; and found calm in the rustling of palm fronds while wrestling  through the challenges of growth and learning.

I open my email to find my coaching certification documents enclosed with a letter of congratulations for passing my oral and written exams and completing all of my hours – and a trail of congratulations from my pod members after that.

I am just off my third back-to-back coaching call for the day that has shown itself to be a celebration of sorts. It just so happened that during each of the calls, clients shared what they have received from our coaching. I am left amidst the wonder of the heart being seen.

As a coach, I follow my intuition and use skills both natural and honed. I often sense when resonance between my clients and I is high, and I see results pouring forth in their lives.  And yet I do the work often times not knowing how deeply it is being felt.

This office has seen a full cycle of learning, a gestation and birth of sorts.

Today is a celebration. It is also a transition.

I will depart tomorrow with a very full heart.

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