WOW: Catholic Monk Thomas Moore’s Invitation to Open Ourselves Up to All Faiths

Welcome to “Monday WOW” #2!

As we set off on this weekly journey into the world of wonder, I am sharing about how Thomas Moore and Oprah’s conversation on her Super Soul Podcast shifted my spiritual perspective as I listened in this week.

A Catholic monk, PhD in religious studies and author of 16 books, Moore suggests that each one of us can craft our own religion that connects us to our spiritual core. He says we do that not by abandoning any particular religious tradition but instead by opening ourselves up to all faiths.

Moore and Oprah’s conversation felt like it lit a flame in me that’s been sputtering for years…waiting to go out or fully ignite. Maybe it took an “expert” like Moore to say what I already knew deep down for my rational mind to submit to the resonance in my spirit.

One of my favorite moments of the segment was the encouragement to discover what wonder means and feels like within you. A great way to do that, Moore says, is to stand under a sky full of stars; and that sensation that fills us is the gateway to our spiritual selves.

Whether it’s stopping for a moment to take in the twinkling starry night sky over open ocean while taking my dog out before bed or the day’s first rays of sun as they peak over jagged mountains in the distance while out surfing, I coming to know awe more intimately these days. Of course, those moments abound in the presence of my daughter.

This sense of wonder and awe, says Moore, is the basis of the religious spirit. As we come to know wonder and how we experience it, we come to know our spiritual nature and the great mystery of our existence.

Check out a segment from the conversation HERE.

Please join in! Share below about a moment in which you got to know wonder this week.


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