WOW: Adventuring with Whales

This past weekend was filled with “Wow!” over here in my neck of the Baja. Together with family, I adventured 4 hours up the coast for an intimate experience with nearly-ready-to-give-birth grey whales.

I am still trying to find words for the magic we discovered in Magdalena Bay. I melted somewhat into a land with so much yet to be discovered, so raw, still, so real.

My impulse to capture images of the whales gave way to the conscious choice to put my phone down and be in the experience. With the phone away, I could tap into the energy of this place where mama whales come to birth their babies, a bay that is in itself womblike, holding the cycles of marine life, nature, and some quality that seemed a bit dreamlike.

A local fisherman and guide shared his home, knowledge of the area, and love of Bay with us.
We stayed on the outskirt of an 80 person fishing village in a bright orange home with a white tin roof.

After a morning on the bay, I practiced yoga on the porch while my daughter climbed about. And come nightfall, Dave and I sat under a sky full of stars awaiting the moon’s dramatic rise over the calm reflective ocean. Minutes before the panga arrived to take us back to the main port town, a pod of dolphins swam by, and I jumped on a paddleboard to be with them.

This epic adventure is the perfect way to kick off a new tradition over here at I Choose Love! Welcome to “Monday WOW” – the new way we’ll start the week! Feel free to check in on Mondays if you have a “case of the Mondays” and need a boost or if you just want to be in the flow of love and inspiration.

Each Monday, I’m picking a special moment that inspired a WOW! sense of wonder to share from here on out.  Seems that being a mom to a year-and-a-half year old and spending a lot of time with nature has me quite attuned to that.

And, tune in Wednesday for news about a big (and scary!) commitment I’ve made to you here at I Choose Love…and in turn my writing practice.

But for now, here is your first “Monday WOW” – a short 20-second wow-inspiring experience of being in the presence of 2 beautiful grey whales in pristine conditions…

To your choice to love <3


IMG_7070 from Stephanie J. Armstrong on Vimeo.


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