What’s It Like Being Social Media Free?


6 months ago, I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

When I deleted those icons from my phone, I felt two worlds evaporate into thin air. Literally, an entire existence, way of being, set of rituals, and rhythms were gone at the swipe on a screen.

I thought I might miss the experience of social media and even set up an internet usage monitor that blocked those sites in case I tried to “sneak” a peak. But I was never tempted.

I miss seeing pictures of everyone’s kids and keeping up on what my loved ones are doing.  The moms groups and a writing group that I really enjoyed aren’t an option. I don’t hear about all of the events that I used to. And, I am slower to hear of big news.

I don’t get to enjoy the day-to-day updates, but when I am with you, I am with you.

The time I am not on social media I devote to sleep, reading, my writing practice, being present with my family, looking out to the horizon, and connecting with friends old and new.

My phone is down and out of sight more; I am more mindful of how and when I take pictures.

Occasionally I consider reengaging online, and then I realize that I’m not sure I can do social media in moderation.  The smartest of minds design it to keep us scrolling.

Social media does serve a worthy purpose of connecting us. I have to imagine that uplifting quotes and stories are more available than they used to be. We have rekindled connections with people we knew way back when.

And for now, I am here – creating this space. Thank you for being here with me. I hope that you find nourishment in reading, and I hope to include more shares from contributing writers soon!

Please comment below and let me know what your relationship with social media is like. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am mindfully living into the question: Social media…to be or not?

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