Waking Up

Call it Mercury Retrograde or call it being confronted – whatever the case, this has been a powerful time where I have been called to connect with and examine my deepest values, sense of self-worth, and belief in my purpose.

When I look at the difference I really want to make in the world big picture, I am both excited and overwhelmed.  I see that this journey will not happen in a day or in a year.  Parts of it will, and when I focus on the moment, I can open to grace.

I keep getting caught in a future I cannot control.  Trying to control it only takes me out of the present and out of the flow of love. 

We cannot impact change from fear.  Change – the kind that heals – can only come from a love.

As a source of and stand for love, I continue to face relationships, thoughts, beliefs, habits, and choices of mine that are not consistent with my truth.

It feels easier to hide, ignore, or go dark sometimes, and the change the fire burning in me wants to see will not happen in that choice.

I continue to choose love, to open and move through what’s uncomfortable.  I choose to continue to awaken from living unconsciously.

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