The Words that Made My Week

Follow Your Heart

As class came to a close this afternoon, the girls I work with were discussing an issue one of them was having at school.  I listened and spoke into the truth of who those girls are.  In unison, they started telling me that I am going to be such a great mom and my family is going to be really lucky.

I pretty much melted.  I am passionate about my work, and I consider it a blessing.  The comments took me by surprise, but I suppose that they also reflected the truth that drives me to do this work.

I chose love two and a half years ago when I left a steady corporate job to leap into a career I had no experience in, and I learned as I went.  I was terrified to make the move, but now I am so grateful.  I have much work to do to build the external stability I had, but I now have a strength within that I didn’t before.  When we follow our hearts and create from that place, we build sturdy foundations on rock instead of sand.

It was 81 degrees out today.  I had an awesome meeting, worked, walked with a friend, and taught yoga to girls before offering them a space to get real.  Today was a great day.  I believe that because I have been courageous enough to step out and seek truth, at times, I am rewarded by being seen in that truth.  I believe that for all of us, being truly seen is joy.

Stripping away the walls and masks that hide the deepest parts of our heart is scary at first, but we must become vulnerable to be seen.  When we do, we find freedom, hope, and love.



 ♥ 90 Days of Love: 13/90 loving choices.
Little choices + time =  wholehearted change.

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