A Thread of Compassion

I am watching a web of very strong reactions be spun from beliefs colored in fear, justice, love, resignation, pacifism, anger, hate, division, and unity with the announcement of Bin Laden’s death on Sunday.

On the news, I see celebrations in the streets, anti-this-and-that propaganda, and cycles of images of dead people.  Facebook and social media are plastered with lengthy debates – 100+, 1000+ threads – ping ponging anger, hate, and Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes.

The lens of compassion will always allow us to see further than we might see otherwise.  I say lens because compassion is a choice, something we can choose to look through or not like glasses for our hearts.  Because of our beliefs and past experience, we may react to this or ANY situation with an array of responses, none of which will sit right with all who share in an experience.  I wonder what would happen if we all chose compassion.  You are entitled to your experience, and I learn from you and your experience because I can feel it now.

Perhaps all of the reactions I am witnessing are okay, as they illustrate our diversity in this moment of time.  They demonstrate the complexity of humanity.  Perhaps within each of us a similar environment exists as well.

Yes, give peace a chance…and freedom…and justice….and love…and anger.  Even destruction is a natural process.

Because I can only truly feel the experience within me, I offer that I have experienced both love and violence within.  Both creation and destruction.  And I continue the journey in acceptance of the entire life process.  Peace exists when I choose to allow all of my experiences to exist and not judge them or make them wrong.

The truth is that we all need to experience a sense of belonging (Maslow).  We all need connection.  Feeling disconnected or having been done wrong causes anger, retaliation, and violence.  What can we do to continue supporting people’s sense of belonging?  What can we do to grant being to our own beliefs and emotions, the dark ones as well as the light?

How can we give a voice to the deepest truths within all of us?  When we start talking about what is really going on – what beliefs we have about ourselves underneath ALL of those we hold against others that stop us from extending compassion – we are healing.

The courageous take stands for what they believe.  Great leaders are great beliefs that inspired great movements of followers taking action.  Can we allow for powerful stands to exist – for people to be fully expressed, and then say, I believe what I do, and I know and see the truth that is love in you?  I do not judge you.  In our compassion, the Truth, can be set free.

Let’s all be courageous and dig deep.  And thank you to all those who give their lives to protect and serve.

With heart,


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