The Sunflower’s Stalk

In the words of a sister: You are a sunflower – radiant and beautiful.  I remember you describing yourself as a sunflower in one of our classes and how you don’t judge the sunflower when its blossom turns down at night, so why would you judge yourself when you go through the dark times?  But I see you as more than the blossom, I see you as the strength of the stalk that holds that big beautiful blossom up.

Today, I recognize the strength with which I’ve moved through experiences and challenges I could never have imagined.  Today, I do see myself as beautiful – much like the sunflower’s beaming blossom.  And today, I got to be seen as the part I hadn’t acknowledged before.  I’m often known for my smile and positivity.  Under all that, there’s been a strength of spirit that has held my head towards the sun.

Today I heard that I am a safe space of love for those I touch, and today, I choose love means that I hold the same space for myself as I do for others

So perfect that my mom sent me this article this morning.

New York Times: Go Easy on Yourself, A New Wave of Research Urges

Enjoy and good night.

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