Thank You For Being A Friend

Is there something in your life that is too big for your to carry alone?  Have you been dealing with something forever and have accepted that’s just the way things are yet you don’t want them to be that way?  Chances are, there are friends who want to help you lighten your load.  When I speak in schools, I tell the kids to make sure they have their “three” – three people they trust who they could talk to about anything anytime.  Share your truth and allow yourself to be supported.

Martha Beck told Oprah in her Life Class, “If you do not have a compassionate witness for everything that has happened to you, you cannot heal.”  We all must have compassionate witnesses to support us through life AND be compassionate witnesses to others.  We all know we are set free in truth, and how many of us are courageous enough to reveal the more uncomfortable places of our hearts?

I was amazed at how much Dream Team showed up when I asked them for support with my 90 Day Challenge.  My “One Thing” was too big for me.  Already, with three more in support, it seems easier to carry.  Invite people in to help.  That, friends, is choosing love.

♥ 90 Days of Love: 1/90 loving choices.
Little choices + time =  wholehearted change.

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