Teen Truth Live

Stephanie ArmstrongTEEN TRUTH LIVE is North America’s premier student assembly experience.

Stephanie has reached over 70,000 students, school administrators, and health professionals as a speaker on the TEEN TRUTH LIVE: BODY IMAGE & SELF ESTEEM tour. 

The trademark combination of award-winning, student-shot films and professional motivational speakers makes for one unforgettable and life-changing event.

Believing whole-heartedly in TEEN TRUTH’s mission to support teenagers to speak their truths and be the difference in each other’s lives, Stephanie joined the TEEN TRUTH team in August 2009.


Stephanie loves connecting with students, teachers, parents and administrators first hand on tour and then supporting them by leading the charge to get TEEN TRUTH’s message out to the masses.  In her BODY IMAGE & SELF ESStephanie ARmstrong Teen TruthTEEM presentation, Stephanie, once a nationally-ranked swimmer, inspires audiences with her candid account of how growing up the perfect girl she thought she should be led to an illness that would ultimately show her how to live true to the beautiful person that she is naturally.  Stephanie’s mission is to help others know and live their own unique and powerful purpose.

TEEN TRUTH LIVE Interview with Stephanie: http://teentruthlive.com/2010/04/i-believe-in-people-interview-with-teen-truth-speaker-stephanie-armstrong/

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