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25 Lessons Learned Over The Past 20 Years

As we prepare to launch our first Heart of Leadership programs on Thursday, I took a moment this weekend to reflect.  20 years ago, I entered my freshman year in high school – ready to make new friends and take on the world.  The journey since those days of a smile full of braces has…

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Don’t Hide. Celebrate!

I have tan, long legs with defined calves. I get them from my petite Japanese mother and tree-trunk-sturdy-calved Caucasian father. When I wear heels or workout shorts, my legs become a statement piece. So I don’t wear dresses with heels unless the occasion is incredibly appropriate. I hide my legs not because I think they’re…

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Why I Choose To Lean In

During my freshman year of high school, after trying to reason with my physics teacher when he said that boys were better than girls in science, I went to the headmaster to request that he be reprimanded. I have been passionate about women and girls in leadership ever since I was young.  Like Sheryl Sandberg,…

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