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WOW: Wonder, Wonder Everywhere

A sea bird with origami-like wings and a pointed tail soars up above; Flies over giant palm fronds dancing on trees in the breeze just north of where I am surfing. I look out to the horizon to catch wave number 19, Another lined up in perfect geometry. Short side toward the rocks to my…

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From the Aftermath of “Edie”

Growing up, I was one of those girls who people thought had it easy. I learned at an early age to strive for goals, achieve, and measure people’s value (including my own) on material things. I was rewarded well for the efforts I put on this outward success, and yet, they left “Edie” brewing. “Edie”(pronounced…

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Why It’s Important to Share Your Story

I just wrapped up a full day of powerful middle school assemblies – after each one, lines of students waited to talk.  Some shared encouragement, hope, and thanks for the message; others told tearful stories about being bullied; and others shared their secret pain manifested in being the bully, cutting, eating disorders, depression, and thoughts…

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