Staying True to You

I was – for a long time – someone who needed and looked for approval of others.  I needed their opinions before I made decisions, and I wanted feedback when I made them.

Now I get that approval is not what makes us great – or able to make a difference.  Approval comes from fear, not love.  Love is staying true to who we know we are.  It is the ability to make mistakes again and again as a refining process instead of something wrong or bad.  It is knowing who we are and what we’re here for and sticking by those values even when it’s uncomfortable or we’re feeling judged.  It is not being defiant, but connected.  It is the expression of our hearts through our lives.

Because the truth is that we are all here united as one but each with our own unique purpose.  As Judy Garland said: Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

There’s no measuring up or fitting in.  When we can summon our own inner strength and believe in something greater than ourselves, we can make a difference, too.

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