On Living Near Our Food Sources

May 17, 2018

On my regular route home to our beachfront respite for the season, I turn left off the main highway onto the 5km dirt road that winds through farmland, passed our favorite farm-to-table restaurant and the stable where we take our daughter to feed apples to horses. Landing in El Pescadero somewhat by chance, we felt…

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WOW: 4 Matrilineal Generations

May 15, 2018

My grandmother is beckoning a smile from my daughter by tapping her arm and meowing while holding her lifelike orange toy tabby cat. My mom says something to her in Japanese, and my grandmother momentarily breaks her focus on Lily to respond in a curt tone.  Her facial expression shifts again as she turns back…

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Between Two Mother’s Days

May 11, 2018

My 20-month old toddler and I are flying from Mexico to San Francisco today – a flight we’ve done together at least a handful of times. I decide to leave my Ergo at home for the first time since I started traveling with Lily at 6-weeks-old, and my heart flutters as she walks the whole…

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WOW: Seashells with Lily

May 9, 2018

“Mama, more shells,” says Lily as she beckons to me from under the shade of her hiking backpack perched on Dave’s shoulders as we walk down a seemingly endless stretch of white sand beach. Dave throws a log back into the perfectly warm 76 degree aquamarine sea, and our dog Bandon sprints into the beach…

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Becoming Love

May 6, 2018

“He said we would identify ourselves simply by how we loved people. It’s tempting to think there’s more to it, but there’s not. Love isn’t something we fall into; love is someone we become.” – Bob Goff, Everybody Always I am sitting six rows from the stage. The tears that have started to run from…

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WOW: Fulfillment of the Heart

Apr 30, 2018

After playing with my daughter under a morning sky lit by the pink full moon, I walk up to my beachside office at Casa Azul for the last time during our stay in Baja this season. Here, I have watched whales breech while clients shared victories; listened to birds underscore coaching certification calls; and found…

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My Work Here is Enough

Apr 28, 2018

10 years ago, I worked with a life coach And envisioned where I wanted to be 10 years from then Which is now. I wanted to speak on stages and Start a global business that Affected 1000’s of lives, if not millions Because. Why not millions, right? But today, 10 years from those days with…

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WOW: The Power of Endings

Apr 23, 2018

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”  Henry Miller The ends of the dried palm leaves hanging from the palapa roof seem to dance in slower motion with the wind today. The air feels heavy, even thick. With my office door propped open, I listen to the…

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Motherhood and Leadership

Apr 20, 2018

All mothers have a unique way of relating to our mothering. Yet like most things, we all share some common threads, too. What if one of those common threads was that we related to motherhood as leadership? In their book, Co-Active Leadership, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House say: “Everyone has within them the capacity to lead,…

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WOW: Wonder Fatigue

Apr 16, 2018

Closing a day with dear family friends that included swimming alongside a 24-foot-long whale shark, watching sea lions dart around in spirals an arms distance away, and boating through a pod of a hundred dolphins, I sit here writing tired. This is a day that I would think a blog on wonder would spill right…

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