Love in a Japanese Breakfast

Mar 10, 2011

I love Japanese breakfasts – grilled fish, rice, pickled vegetables, miso soup, green tea.  It feels like such a healthy, balanced start to the day! After getting to enjoy one this morning, I got thinking about breakfast…and how it really does set the tone for our days. Do you eat breakfast in hurry?  Standing up…

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Recognizing the Kindess of Others

Mar 9, 2011

Have a hard time being kind to yourself all the time?  Recognize the kindness of others!  When we recognize and acknowledge kindness in others that we would like to embody more ourselves, we begin to activate that quality – this works for any quality for that matter – within us!

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Staying True to You

Mar 7, 2011

I was – for a long time – someone who needed and looked for approval of others.  I needed their opinions before I made decisions, and I wanted feedback when I made them. Now I get that approval is not what makes us great – or able to make a difference.  Approval comes from fear,…

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Choosing Love as a Career

Mar 6, 2011

Two years ago, I was likely lying on the floor of the back living room at 653 Loring talking to my best friend and roommate, Tyler, about how much I was dreading going to work the next day.  We must have had this same conversation upwards of 100 times. Everyday, he would tell me the…

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Love or Fear – It’s Your Choice

Mar 5, 2011

My friend, James, posted this video today.  It’s quite moving and makes me think.  I believe that love is a choice, and I believe in its power to change my life.  I believe in the power of this choice to shift a collective that has, together, made a commitment to this choice. This video makes…

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Good Luck With That

Mar 4, 2011

My last stop today was to the studio where I will be holding a running a workshop starting later this month.  Holding a bag containing the fliers I wanted to leave for the studio owner, I walked up to the location, hoping there was someone there after business hours. An artist wearing a kind grin…

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A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Mar 3, 2011

How can we shift our experience in relationships, work, and life from one of obligation to one of inspiration?  Being authentic means being true to you – to your desires, passions, needs, and the people and things that light you up.  Check in with yourself – is your feeling of obligation coming from misalignment with…

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Choosing Love is Speaking Your Truth

Mar 2, 2011

How often do you feel like there’s something you’d like to tell someone and can’t?  Or that there’s something you’ll be judged about if others knew was true about you? You know what?  We ALL have things like that. No one is perfect.  We all have our faults or parts about ourselves we wished weren’t…

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The Sunflower’s Stalk

Mar 1, 2011

In the words of a sister: You are a sunflower – radiant and beautiful.  I remember you describing yourself as a sunflower in one of our classes and how you don’t judge the sunflower when its blossom turns down at night, so why would you judge yourself when you go through the dark times?  But…

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Remembering Jackfruit

Feb 28, 2011

Two years ago today, I was in Kerala, India with my yoga teacher, Shiva Rea.  I cannot believe how fast time has past! I share with you a passage from what I wrote then, in a note I called, “A Little Lesson from my Crush, Jackfruit”: Shiva mentioned something today that stuck with me.  She…

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