October Update!

Since October of last year, I have lived in two different towns in Southern Baja and two here in the US with my husband, now two-year-old-daughter, trusty Labrador and baby-on-the-way (yes, baby boy Russell is coming this holiday season!).  We have also traversed the nation – from the tip of Baja to Vancouver Island, throughout California and out to Boston.

Our journeys have been expansive, inspiring and centering, and yet like any good adventure, we met our fair share of challenge.

One of my greatest lessons over this past year has come around creating space and slowing down.

I do less theses days … even as a mother of a young child.  I say, “no,” more.  I don’t to tend to the vast medley of relationships I once did, though I am much more present with the person or people in front of me.

I have experienced loss in this way of life, as I miss time with people I love and the comfort of a large community, all the while being able to check all of the boxes off my list at work.

This season of motherhood has called me to face difficult decisions about how to spend my most precious resource … time.

Out of my learning, a deep sense of purpose, and the echoes of women around me who also yearn for the space to connect with themselves and each other, I have created a new offering for mothers of young children called NEST.

Even with my second child on the way in a couple of months, this new offering has become one of the commitments I have mindfully chosen.  I have learned that I am able to show up more fully as a mother as I create the space to tend to my creative spirit even during these at times wild and unpredictable early years.

If you or someone you know is a mother of young children yearning for a place to slow down and connect, please be on the lookout for more details about NEST over the coming weeks.  Or, reach out to me!

Today, amidst all that you have going on, I invite you to pause, turn inward for a moment and take a deep breath into all that you’ve become.

Please visit my new coaching website: www.stephaniejrussell.com.


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