Making Time for Breakfast

Slow Down

Hit the alarm; roll out of bed.  In and out of the shower and dressed.  Out the door to pop into the favorite local cafe for my latte, muffin, and friendly exchanges.  My day begins on-the-go.  Sound familiar at all?

That has been my normal for the better part of the last year or so.  I loved that routine, even though I knew it wasn’t the healthiest choice.  Latte and muffin…every morning??  Definitely not ideal for sustained energy, my pocketbook, or a real sense of kindness towards myself.

These 90 Days of Love have already asked me to slow down quite a bit.  For one, I have been choosing to take a moment to check in with my body to see what it actually wants for breakfast instead of jetting off into my day, and I feel so much better because of it.

Today, I made time for a proper breakfast.  I cooked oatmeal on the stove, fruit on the side, and a chai matte latte for enjoyment on my porch that looks over the bay.  The whole experience took about half an hour, and my day felt so much stronger and more gentle because of it.  Today, making time for breakfast was choosing love, and that love continued throughout.

I am learning that choosing love is putting my own oxygen mask on first, and in turn, I have so much more to genuinely give.  I can’t please everyone or be everywhere, and I realize that my time, presence, and heart are gifts that shouldn’t be given without discretion.  I don’t say this in a cocky way but simply in truth.  My presence is a gift because what I show up with is different than anyone else.  The same goes for you.  Your presence – when you show up fully in who you are – is a gift because no one else has what you have to share.

When we cherish ourselves, our hearts, and our time, we show up differently.  Choosing love starts the moment sleep drifts into the awareness of a new day.  I shall choose breakfast on the porch more often.  You in?

♥ 90 Days of Love: 5/90 loving choices.
Little choices + time =  wholehearted change.

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