Love or Fear – It’s Your Choice

My friend, James, posted this video today.  It’s quite moving and makes me think.  I believe that love is a choice, and I believe in its power to change my life.  I believe in the power of this choice to shift a collective that has, together, made a commitment to this choice.

This video makes my heart sink a bit and yet, as I feel the transformation in myself, I can see it for the world.  The skeptic in me comes up – is this really a revolution?  When I look at the many people around me committing their lives to the greater good, I believe it may be, yes.  And I suppose we won’t know until we begin to shift into a place of love…first one by one, then community by community, and so on as countries.

Let’s see what really happens when we make the conscious decision to CHOOSE LOVE.


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