Love in a Japanese Breakfast

I love Japanese breakfasts – grilled fish, rice, pickled vegetables, miso soup, green tea.  It feels like such a healthy, balanced start to the day!

After getting to enjoy one this morning, I got thinking about breakfast…and how it really does set the tone for our days.

Do you eat breakfast in hurry?  Standing up on the go or in your car even?  Do you take time to have something nourishing and balanced or do you mindlessly grab for what’s convenient?  Do you make it yourself or grab it on the go or from your favorite eatery?  And when you take this moment to reflect, what do your choices say about you?

I think about American breakfasts that range from fruit loops and milk to bagels anyway to biscuits and gravy to eggs over easy with crisp slices of bacon to Crispy Cremes to, if you’re lucky and live in San Diego, one of Isabelle’s Mexican-fusion zen breakfasts of eggs, beans, rice, avocado, salsa and veggies.

I start most of my mornings these days with a fruit smoothie made with coconut water and a day-to-day inspired selection of raw protein, chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca powder, cocoa nibs, nuts, flax oil, or some well-marketed natural vitamin or greens powder.

When I’m on the go, it’s off to Influx for my morning hello’s, horoscope, double soy latte and muffin – uplifting for the spirit but not so much for the body.

So when I sit down today to my Japanese breakfast, I notice how much time it takes to put this together.  Small portions, big flavors, nothing out of the box, bag, or toaster.

What would it look like if I put a little more care into the first meal of my day when I got home?  How would choices to shift my intentions and energy in the beginning of the day ripple through the rest by choosing love this way?

What are your favorite breakfast combos?  And do you think breakfast really does impact your day?

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