In Love

by: ichooselove contributor, Sarah

When you hear the words, “in love,” what comes to mind?

For most, thoughts wander to romantic moments with another person.  We don’t usually picture ourselves on a solo sunset beach stroll or at a candlelight dinner for one.  Some of us insert our current partners in these mental snapshots, where as we single folks have some ideal image of the oh-so-important physical traits we desire (6’ 4”, broad shoulders…).

Suffice it to say, all of us single, dating, and married people won’t have matching “in love” snapshots, but we may have the similar “in love” feelings.

While purchasing my morning java I asked my café friends, “How do you feel when you are in love?”

Everything just feels right

Then I asked, “Are you including someone else in your mind when you’re thinking about being in love?”


Their sentiments were similar to many others I’ve heard recently.  Association with being “in love” requires another person and usually results in a state that is better than the one they are in currently.

So I asked myself, “Does that mean we need to be in a holding pattern until we meet Mr./Mrs. Right? Are those feelings of contentment, joy, peace, safety on standby until then?”

My answer is no, but it’s not a foot-stomping, fist-pumping, confident, “NO!”  Because this lover of all things romantic and whimsical has recently started out on her own solo journey of learning more clearly what it means to be “in love”, and I’m still finding my way.  I’ve challenged myself to see if it’s possible to feel content, joyous, peaceful and safe in a party of 1…and so far, so good.

I recently found myself on a sunset stroll where I wasn’t painfully aware of the absence of hand holding and I realized it was because I was part of a joyful party of 3…me, myself and I.  I was in the moment…aware of the beauty around me- the sound of water, the colors in the sky and the contentment of just strolling…welcoming the idea that being “in love” can happen at any moment. Because feeling joyful, content and safe are meant for everyone at any time…because they don’t come from someone else…they come from within. And once we realize that, we can be “in love” whenever we choose.

Sarah lives in San Diego, CA where she runs a non-profit and develops children’s tv shows. She spends her days empowering and inspiring children to live their best life and recognize their value and worth…they inspire her to do the same.

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