“I love my body as it is.”

I n a recent interview with Ellen, “plus-size” model Robyn Lawley encourages people to accept and love their natural size:

Model, Robyn Lawley, is full of wisdom!

In her interview, she tells Ellen that if you start to say that your body is beautiful instead of nitpicking at its flaws, you will start to see your body as beautiful.  For those of us who have rounded the bend from body-hate to body-love, this seems to be a common thread.

Just as people become what we call them, our body becomes as we call it.  When we choose to see beauty, it’s beauty we see.  When we choose to see flaws, they become more prevalent.

What if what you saw was actually your choice?  I believe it is.  Through mindfulness and observation, we become aware of our thoughts and reactions from moment to moment — giving us the space to choose love.

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