I admit it.  I have talked and talked about the value of partnership, and I today I got what I’ve been missing in that conversation.  As much as I would like it to be, partnership is not me stating my needs and getting them met…or sharing a plan for partnership in the future.

Partnership is two people honestly sharing with each other right here, right now – neither silenced nor withholding; both expressed and supported.

When I got vulnerable enough to accept a loved one for who he was and what he was offering right now, I got to to see that I only had to stand in what I needed and wanted right now.  And then we could see where our needs and desires did or didn’t line up.

While this opening to partnership was preceded by a fear of getting taken advantage of, messed with, and played, when I CHOSE LOVE and stepped away from this fear, the detachment allowed for an opening.

And now, I feel free and full, knowing I was not only supportive of this person getting the space he needed, I felt him be more present and honest with me.

Lesson number…what are we on now? seven?…then,

Lesson #7:

Partnership is two people honestly presenting what is true for them at the moment, evaluating how those two sets of desires, needs, and realities match up or not, and coming to agreement on a way to proceed that honors both and feels good to both.

I like that.



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