How to Choose Love over the Holidays

A common theme I hear through the holiday season is one of self-abandonment. I know that terms sounds kind of harsh, but let’s think about what sometimes happens during this time of year. People can…

  • Spend more than they are making…all in the spirit of “giving”
  • Attend parties they don’t want to be at or attend more parties than they have energy for
  • Drink more than has them feeling good about themselves
  • Eat more of less nourishing food
  • Cut out working out and sleeping because of all of the above

How about that for a merry time of year? Now, I’m not here to be a downer or to bust anyone’s chops, but this seems to be a season where people choose in a way that has them spending early January (or more) recovering.

The time of excess gives way to the “tightening up” of New Year’s Resolutions, which most people end up abandoning within a month.

What if we realized that the seeds of our abandoned New Year’s Resolutions are often planted during the holidays?

And if we realized that, what might choose instead? To set yourself up to Choose Love in 2018, consider seeding that resolution NOW. Here are a few ways that you can start to choose love during the holidays so that you’re ready to take off into the New Year!

  1. Notice the people, parties, and purchases that invite you to expand and those that make you contract. Our bodies hold more wisdom than we often give them credit for. Where do you shut down and protect yourself? There, you’ll find your shoulders hunched over or tension in your throat or chest. Conversely, where do you feel expansive and full of life – shoulders thrown back with your breath flowing freely? Allow your body to guide you to your “yes!”
  2. Challenge yourself to say, “No,” to one thing a week that is driven by a “should.” Is your holiday season full of parties that you “should” attend, presents you “should” buy, or clothes you “should” dress up in? “Should” is a red flag when choosing love. Tune into what your heart wants, and allow yourself to let go of one  “should” this season!
  3. Take a moment, an hour, or a day before the end of the New Year to celebrate YOU. Plant seeds of gratitude during this year’s end. Each of us has something we can celebrate. Make room for little wins – celebration fans your heart’s fire!

Oh, and one more hint:

Consider this the next time you see the word, “SALE”:

Likely to

May you find ways to stay aligned with your values this holiday season and into the New Year!

If this resonates with you, please post below or reach out to let me know how! Of course, if you’d like support in letting go of your “should’s” and saying yes to more of the things that really light you up, let’s talk about how I might be able to support you!

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