Pink Medicine

Mar 7, 2019

I lower a needleless syringe, tip filled with gooey, bubblegum pink liquid, into my 3-month-old son’s mouth. His eyes, still blue, draw in mine, and my attention traces the edges of their almond shape. “Okay, my boy, it’s time for the medicine that will help make you all better,” I tell him. He smiles back,…

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A Baja-Style “Welcome Home”

Feb 12, 2019

We are back in Baja, where we lived for 9 months through June of last year. I am walking out to the beach for the first time since our arrival. My daughter, who I am pushing in a BOB stroller along the dirt road, drifts into her midday nap. As we arrive at the sand,…

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Adiós 2018: Reflections on a wonder-filled year

Dec 31, 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I sit down to write with my nearly 4-week old son propped up on a blanket and nursing pillow as he gulps down yet another snack. I lightheartedly wonder to myself if he is the hungriest man alive. In my loose plan for the day, I had hoped Theo would…

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Between Worlds: On Waiting to Become a Mother to Two

Nov 27, 2018

The nearly-full November moon rises from behind the mountains on Tahoe’s east shore.  I’ve watched the skies over the past months, as each wax and wane marked an opening, a welcoming, a greater preparedness for the coming of our son. I lay on my left side, one pillow tucked under my head, another between my…

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Where is the Love?: On Jesus, Politics and Church

Nov 5, 2018

In 2011, I walked into a church with bright lights and a large stage, inspiring messages, and a community full of well-dressed 20 and 30-somethings, a seeming heaven-sent rebuttal to the San Diego bar and club lifestyle that I had tired of. The crowd stood during worship, young people with arms outstretched to the sky…

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Mommy Go Bye-Bye: A Moment Balancing Work, Self Care & Motherhood

Oct 20, 2018

An ice cube melts into the bowl of oatmeal I am stirring with my left hand while I scoop Lily up in my right arm. “Okay, sweetie, time for breakfast,” I tell her as I sprinkle a few strawberries atop the bowl of now tepid oatmeal and walk with her, the bowl, a spoon and…

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October Update!

Oct 11, 2018

Since October of last year, I have lived in two different towns in Southern Baja and two here in the US with my husband, now two-year-old-daughter, trusty Labrador and baby-on-the-way (yes, baby boy Russell is coming this holiday season!).  We have also traversed the nation – from the tip of Baja to Vancouver Island, throughout…

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Space for Grace on my 39th Birthday

Sep 4, 2018

My daughter crawls into my arms, big brown eyes gazing down into mine that are adjusting to the daylight shining through the crack in our bedroom window shades. “Good morning, mommy,” she chirps in her soft, sweet almost two-year-old voice.  I break a smile and we banter a bit. She continues, “Happy birthday, mommy.” My…

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Blessed is this Life: Thoughts on the Eve of 39

Sep 1, 2018

Tomorrow I turn 39, and I approach this birthday with a full heart. Life looks different than it once did. Mostly, I have finally come home to myself. Being in my skin is comfortable, relaxing even. And all that I do – the many roles I fill as wife, mother, coach, friend, and more –…

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Hands in the Dirt

Aug 22, 2018

My breath tastes of compost and dust as I scoop a handful of damp earth with my right hand and gently place the roots of an arugula start into its new home with my left. I pat soil back around the hopeful green sprout and wish it ease and endurance as it settles in. I…

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