Hoisting the Sails

Over the past couple of days, I keep watching the thought, “Turn off the motor and let the wind catch the sails,” travel through my head as if on a cyclic repeat.

On the yoga mat, I have been present to relaxing into the poses as opposed to stretching, pulling, striving, or even looking in the mirror in hot yoga for that matter.

What makes me so nervous to fully relax into the flow?  Perhaps as I’d imagine a first time sailor might feel, it’s easier to motor around, but when we can get the hang of sailing, watching the wind, and listening, our journey can be much more effortless and free.

Funny, Jason, the owner of my MOST FAVORITE coffee shop and pseudo second home, Influx, just came over to tidy up the table next to mine and said, “Stephanie, you always stay so calm with so much chaos going on around you.”

My reply: Oh, I didn’t notice.

Many commitments of mine have recently come to a close, and I find myself with a great open space ahead.  While my natural tendency is to rev the engine and fill the open space, I wonder what will happen if I continue to simply relax and be receptive.

There will always be times we need to motor, especially when leaving or returning to the dock, but out in the open space, we can flow.

How do you balance the need to drive and the choice to let go?

Sailing on…


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