Heart of Leadership

Heart of Leadership’s mission is to embody our six core values as we empower high-achieving young women with the confidence and community to thrive as leaders who transform our world.

Who We Are

We are leaders in our businesses, homes, and communities who believe that healthy, wholehearted leadership is the essence of social change.  To this end, we support the next generation of young women as they embark on their own leadership journeys.  United in a commitment to live what we teach, we share experiences that inspire participants to be courageously whole and authentic in their choices, voices, and actions

What We DoHeader Teen

Heart of Leadership empowers young women with confidence and courage as they navigate the internal and external challenges of a modern world.  We help teens build self-awareness, resilience, and an understanding of their value through a culture of encouragement as they develop leadership skills that will support them through high school, college, and beyond.

How We Do It

Through three Signature Events, we facilitate opportunities for young women to explore their strengths and obstacles as they connect with relatable role models who help guide the way.  Our 501c3 offers forums and resources that address the real issues that teenagers face in search of their true purpose.  We bridge generations and backgrounds through a transformative conversation about the authentic journey of a young woman’s heart.  Two of our three Signature Events include parental partnership.

Why We Do It

Despite the increase in opportunity for women in the last century, there is still a dearth of women in leadership positions in our country.  A glimpse into the life of a teen girl today shows opportunities for her success appearing as unlimited as her dreams, while the challenges she may face in pursuing them are prevalent and unprecedented, as well.  With so many ways to measure up, there’s little room for a young woman to get to know who she really is and to understand all that she is capable of becoming no matter how much work she does or how hard she tries.

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