Hands in the Dirt

My breath tastes of compost and dust as I scoop a handful of damp earth with my right hand and gently place the roots of an arugula start into its new home with my left. I pat soil back around the hopeful green sprout and wish it ease and endurance as it settles in. I continue on with the five other starts it came packaged wih, peeling the black plastic container away from each soiled root system before transferring them into their raised bed.

Having recently settled into our new home for now, we our planting our first family garden. Beginning to nest into the place where we’ll welcome our son at year’s end feels like a big exhale.

My husband, toddling daughter, grey-bearded lab and I have lived in 5 homes in 2 countries over the past year. What a ride!

On day 2 of our garden, we were afraid we had done it all wrong, but a few weeks later, we have delicious salads for days!

Day Two – Oh, no! Did we kill everything:?

3 weeks later…Flourishing!

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