Great Hope for our Future

I recently had a conversation with someone who said he at times has reservations about bringing children into our world because he fears that in our lifetime, our world could become a very grim place.  He wondered if he would actually be doing a disservice to a future child by birthing he or she into a world rampant with social and environmental disease.

Given my worldview, this perspective took me aback.  How could you not want to bring children into the world now?  I believe wholeheartedly that one of the most responsible things we can do is to raise children to be socially, environmentally, and ethically minded contributors to the greater good (if they so choose).  A generation that is connected to their purpose and inspired to make a difference can and will shift us in ways we so desperately need.  The next generation is hope for a new future – where love leads, where the earth can restore and renew, and where people can find health again in themselves, in their homes, and in their communities.

I have great faith in the next generation.

On Wednesday night, at Heart of Leadership‘s BODY IMAGE event, I watched as two high school girls inspired and moved a multi-generational audience with their authentic and powerful shares on a topic that concerns most all of us.  I believe in a new future because of what I see in young people today.  So many have wisdom and a sense of purpose that was lacking in generations before them.

I also see so many people and organizations dedicating themselves to the greater good.  Thank you to all of you who are not talking about the change we need to see, but instead who are boldly moving towards a new future through your actions – day after day, challenge after challenge.  Acting on our beliefs to make the world more loving and healthy is not for the faint of heart.  And to each of you who does this, thank you.  Thank you for your inspiration, the trails you are blazing, and for the difference you are making.

And yet, in her poem “The Journey,” Mary Oliver reminds us that the only life we can really save is our own.  When each of us begins to be the change we want to see, that is when we will see the shift in communities.  No longer can we deplete ourselves as we champion the health of others.  No longer can we talk about collaboration and sufficiency while exploiting people and partnerships.  We must be authentic through our voices, choices, and actions.  A new world is waiting.  Will you?

While there is an endless list of organizations and people who are making a difference, today I felt inspired to name a few who I have have had the honor of connecting with personally. These people and organizations are not only great champions of change but they are acting on it courageously – willing to ride the waves of figuring it out daily.

Thank you:

Teen Truth Live – Erahm Christopher and JC Pohl
Partnership Works – MaryCay Durrant
The MOSA Group – Christine O’Neal
Skyler McCurine – Le Red Balloon
Susan Fowler & Drea Zigarmi
Leanne Tibiatowski
Good. Grow. Gain.  – Ash Robinson and Will Mare
Stephanie Barnier
Hera Hub – Felena Hanson
The Jenna Druck Center – Ken Druck
Shakti Rising – Shannon Thompson
Jess Johnson
Laura Swan
Novalena Betancourt
Tanya Paluso
Kevin Donahue
Tyler Jensen
Rich Van Every & Heather Hollander
Shanti Generation – Abby Willis
Mandy Burstein
Kat Cowley
Arianna Huffington
Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Erin Mobley
Katie Brauer
Micaela Malmi & Todd LeVeck
Katie Walsh
BOOST Collaborative – Tia Quinn
Hale Foundation – Kirk Hensler
Jim Rooney
Dawn Mitschele
Kevin Robertson
San Diego Center for Children
The Live Well Project – Michelle Weinstein and Meeshie
Sasha Clines
WIT – Sarah Hernholm
PAX – Alison Armstrong
Hawley Winter
Ruthi Solari
Teen Wisdom – Tami Walsh
Angel Faces
Holy Yoga – Brooke Boon
The Shack – Paul Young
Believe in She – Jamie Dicken
True Living Now – Cindy Silbert
C3 Church – Jurgen & Leanne Matthesius

…this list could go on and on, but it’s time for me to retire this Friday evening.  I know that there are people I should have listed here, and please know that my heart acknowledges you.  I was simply struck today by all the good that is out there being done, and if your on that team, you know who you are.  Thank you for your inspiration and hope, friends.  Thank you!

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