Eating in the Light of the Moon

Eating in the Light of the Moon
by Anita Johnston
“When we go to the deepest, darkest part of ourselves, many of us encounter the pain and suffering we have tried to disown. Our patriarchal culture demands that we bear our pain stoically, keep it hidden from view. We have been reprimanded time and time again for engaging in ‘self-pity’ when we have tried to pour out the pain we feel in our hearts. And so we deny our pain and say everything is ‘all right’. As a woman finds the center of herself in this journey toward wholeness, she encounters her deepest pain: the pain of abandonment and isolation, of feeling unworthy and inept, of unrealized dreams and missed opportunities, of physical or emotional abuse, of the loss of loved ones or failed marriages, and the pain that comes with being female in a world that does not honor the feminine.”

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