Don’t Wait Until You Are Perfect to Change the World

Today when a friend asked if I would like to lead a yoga class in her beautiful pilates studio tomorrow, I felt honored to serve the students in her community and space.  Then, I observed my mind attach to thoughts of feeling a bit run down and tired right now and then the realization that I have been focused on teaching children and teens and have not taught adults in a while.

Charged with a desire to make sure her students were given the experience they came seeking, my immediate reaction was to pull back.  I went through all the what if’s – even the one that acknowledged that she might not like the class.  I don’t really have time to prepare.

And, cut.

I began to feel into the opportunity.  The truth is that it is bitter cold here in San Diego – the wintry weather inviting me to draw inwards and connect.  Perhaps, a gentle yoga class might be a suitable offering.

And more, I recalled Maria Shriver’s words from the fall’s Women’s Conference: Don’t wait until you are perfect to change the world.

Not to say one yoga class is changing anyone’s world, but instead this thought encouraged me to look at my process with this class and everything else I am creating right now.  There will always be more to learn and refine, and I get to take all of that on by choosing to serve to the best of my ability in every moment.

It helps me remember that I will never be perfect, and neither are those who are changing the world.  Instead, it takes a belief in oneself, and a steadfast commitment to one’s values.  It take courage and authenticity, openness and vulnerability.

Perhaps I will have an oppotunity to share yoga with a lovely group of women tomorrow, and I get to take this idea to them.  When we are all willing to step forward as exactly who we are right now and serve each other as best we can, that is how change happens.

Ripple effect begins…now.




  1. renee airya on February 28, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you! Great reminder and I will share the Maria quote! You inspire me!

  2. Stephanie on February 28, 2011 at 11:42 am


    I ended up teaching the class, and I was so touched by the response of the participants. The studio owner loved it, and I will be teaching again at Blossom next Sunday – come join me! Another attendee said that she experienced more peace of mind in class than she had in the last month. It’s so funny how many doubts our minds can generate, yet when we can choose love, we see we are meant to touch each other’s hearts deeply.


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