Don’t Settle

Coming off two days of speaking to 5000 middle and high school students about owning their worth and a month that included a magical trip overseas to make a difference with teens in the Marianas Islands, becoming an entrepreneur, and launching my first programs, all I can think is: Don’t settle.

For so long, I lived in a career that I thought I “should” be in.  I tried to fit a mold, and I fought so hard to excel at things I just wasn’t passionate about.

Somewhere within me, I knew I wanted to work with and serve people.  I wasn’t designed to sit in a cubicle.  I am an out-of-the-box kind of girl.  Yet, I settled because I was scared of what I didn’t know and worried that I couldn’t make it doing what I really loved.

Now in a career that I absolutely love – from teaching yoga to teens to mentoring young women to speaking to rooms full of thousands – my work fills me up and leaves me overflowing.  I am so grateful.

The journey to this place saw many tears and days of feeling defeated and confused, but I never gave up.  And today, I remind myself not to settle in any aspect of my life – from career to relationships to how I treat myself.

Tonight, I attended San Diego’s Women’s Week kick off, and the final speaker talked about potential and making our dreams reality.  Our dreams exist because a part of us knows they can come true, and it is that part that will never be happy with anything less.

To become our dreams, we need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Did you know that because of our wiring, we need five positive reinforcements to counter one negative thought?  The survival instinct of our reptilian brain is more attuned to danger, to negatives.

It’s easy to settle into what’s comfortable, but if you feel that you are more than you are living now, you are.  We’ve been looking at ourselves through broken mirrors.  Choose to see yourself as the true expression of love that you are.

When I look at all of the expressions and relationships in my life, I challenge myself not to settle.  And I ask you to join me in this challenge, too.

With heart,



  1. Karina Jay on May 4, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    I am an out-of-the-box kind of girl!!! LOVE IT!!! 😀 God Bless

  2. erika on March 31, 2011 at 1:56 am

    I found out today more then any other day, that in not settling, in choosing my dreams, I was more loved, seen, and heard then ever before….supported.. and the gratitude for the journey and those in my circle of influence expanded the well inside my chest so deeply that the tears continue to flow…even feels to good to have what you want, to be yourself, your message, and each be in love.

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