Coconut Love: Featuring “The Wellness Doer”

I love coconuts.  There is perhaps nothing better than a ice cold fresh coconut on a sunny summer day, and I’m happy and grateful to currently be visiting the land of coconut plenitude.

My friend, Elyssa, just wrote a great entry about coconuts in her blog, The Wellness Doer.  A fitness trainer who was recently featured in Shape magazine, a nutrition expert, a coach, and a bright inspiration, Elyssa does wellness onto people.  She embodies love in her life and inspires it in the people she touches.  She also loves coconuts!

So what does The Wellness Doer have to say about this fruit of fruits?  Find out in her Simple Pleasure #22 HERE.

I’ll be honest with you.  There used to be a time that I wouldn’t let myself eat coconuts – specifically the meat, milk, or anything creamy, sweet and delicious that came from either of the two.  I thought there was too much fat in them, and of fat, I was afraid.

Having (thankfully) freed myself from a once-was fat-phobia for a more supportive commitment to health, I am finding coconuts, among other things like avocados, olive oil, and nuts are just a few of my favorite things that also help me eat in a more balanced and loving way.

“What choices will give me energy and life?” is a much healthier, more enlivening approach than the fear-generated one I once had.  Do you see that?  A small shift in our focus from fear to love can change so much.  What’s more, eating healthily feels good, but being afraid of fat, carbs, or anything else for that matter, is constraining, unsustainable, and painful!

As The Wellness Doer shares, coconut consumption has many amazing benefits.  I’m happy to enjoy them knowing that they are in line with my commitment to health.  How liberating…and delicious!  With a couple more days here in the tropics, I’ll look forward to enjoying a few.

And what does The Wellness Doer say about choosing love?

“Choosing love to me means letting people be themselves. To be able to create space coming from love allows others to feel as at ease, able to be fully self expressed and non-judged. In return choosing love for myself also allows me to love myself, letting go of fears and letting the universe guide me. Love heals the mind, body and soul… When I find myself wanting to judge or have negative thoughts I quickly replace them with thoughts of love, seeing that we are all one and in this together.”

From two coconut lovers to you –

Here’s to choosing love that inspires us and frees us, heals us and reveals us.

See The Wellness Doer at for Elyssa’s account of her life’s Simple Pleasures, in addition to more insightful inspiration.

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