You have something you want to share,
some vision alive in you that you want to see manifest.

Your story.  Your mission. Your project. Your family.

Bold action in service of the greater good.

I am here to help.

I listen for the truest, most potent callings within you.  When we find them, we champion your dreams and challenge you to live true to your values when you want to shrink away from them.

You are here because you want to be of service in a way that matters to you. And you care about building your life, family and business in a sustainable way.

Whether your calling is the environment, the wellbeing of teens, diversity and inclusion, your family or otherwise, your ability to be of service starts with you.

How are you going to choose love

What is possible when you build from the inside out, giving of your overflow?

Who is there for you as you do?

If you would like someone in your corner, please reach out and schedule a sample session!  The session is free.  This is my gift to you - a token of my appreciation for what you bring to the world...for all that your heart has to offer.

You CAN build success and stay true to your values.

"Stephanie is a brilliant leader who brings out the best in every person who collaborates with her. Through her spirit, integrity, passion and commitment to wholeness she produces extraordinary results with ease and grace." - MaryCay Durrent, Leading Naturally

"Stephanie was able to help me unlock my true mission in life and aligned vision for my new company. She created a safe space for me to break through fears and limiting beliefs and now I feel aligned with my purpose. She is a bright light that brings joy just in her presence." - Tyler Jensen, Entrepreneur

If you are interested in coaching with me, let's schedule a Sample Session.

Colleges.  Fitting in.  Social Media.  Family.  Nutrition.  Friendships.  Mental Health.  Bullying.  Body Image.  SAT's.  Homework.  Extracurriculars.  Spiritual Development.  Emotional Intelligence.  Creativity.  Imagination.  Critical Thinking. Technology.  Leadership.  Sexuality.

...just a few things to key your eye on, right?

What would it be like to have a champion who helped you stay to true to what matters most to you as you support those around you?

I have been working with teens for a decade, and my passion for working with girls led me back to the adults in their lives.  

YOU are the one with your daughter day in and day out, and I believe that our daughters notice how we show up.  We set the tone.  Our actions speak loudly.  We must be the ones who love ourselves enough to give our daughters space to become who they are.  And this kind of presence, attunement and flexibility is not always easy.

I provide a safe space to moms who prioritize their mothering.  I help moms be accountable to having the hard conversations, and I champion them when they do.  

Choosing love in motherhood means keeping ourselves in good shape so that we are giving from our overflow, not our depleted tanks.  Let's chat about how you can nurture you!

Part of the beauty of motherhood is that we all do it different, especially in this day in age.  So I am here to help you choose.  

Please reach out if you would like to see what's possible when you are supported in choosing love in motherhood!


"You have altered the course of our lives with a new, open path of communication, and helped us start a journey of love and connection.  You have a beautiful gift, and I thank you for sharing it with us."  - A., mother of teen daughter

If you are interested in coaching with me, let's schedule a Sample Session.

What would be possible if girls explored their values and purpose?

Young people today are bombarded with images and messages about who and what they should be in the world.  Never before has it been more important for them to have guidance in coming to know the wisdom they hold within.

I have watched first hand what's possible when girls learn to trust themselves and one another.

Confidence and vision ignite when they start to source and sustain life from their values.

Through coaching, the major stressors teens can face - body image, relationships, social media, school, and more - are navigated with a greater sense of ease and confidence.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss coaching for your teen OR if you are a teen who is seeking support as you navigate the many decisions you have to make as you lay your life's foundation.


If you are looking for a speaker or facilitator for a conference, athletic or school event, please contact me

"My daughter has grown into a confident, secure and self-directed young woman with the strength to lead herself and those around her with grace.  You are starting a quiet revolution for young women who don't even know they can lead with their hearts and still win." - A., mother of freshman girl

"Stephanie Armstrong is an amazing woman who has a special gift for connecting with teens, especially teen girls. Her compassionate, thoughtful, and straight forward approach speaks in a profound way to teens dealing with the complex issues they face each day. Her work at the Center has given our girls a new outlook on life and a path to becoming empowered and confident young women." Kevin Robertson, Director, Campus Programs, San Diego Center for Children

I really loved Stephanie’s talk at a girls leadership conference I went to recently. She managed to use her personal experiences to capture the attention of everyone in the room. The intensity and passion of her thoughts were overwhelming and she made a huge impact on everyone. I think that I saw at least ten people with tears in their eyes. Her desire to teach teens across America that there is no “perfect person” and that we should learn to accept and love the person that we are really helped me through some dark periods. These are some issues that (almost) all teens struggle with, and the fact that there is someone encouraging us to think positive thoughts about ourselves, and someone who is there to help us and who has gone through similar experiences is extremely reassuring. Stephanie’s presentation made me reevaluate the person that I am and helped me get on the road of discovering myself, listening to my body, and ultimately, accepting the person that I am. - C., 8th Grader

If you are interested in coaching with me, let's schedule a Sample Session.

Not quite sure yet?

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