Choosing Love on Valentine’s Day

When I started on the path of choosing love almost a decade ago, one of the first questions I set out to answer was this: Can you truly love another if you don’t love yourself? I was genuinely puzzled by this question, but over time, I’ve come to understand that we can’t give what we…

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Fear & Surfing: Part 3 – Love Wins!

stephanie armstrong | life coach

“Have the courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” – Maya Angelou I have come to know this surf spot well over the past few months. As the dirt road slopes down towards the beach, I can pretty quickly tell what the conditions are going to be like. Today, as…

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How to Choose Love over the Holidays

A common theme I hear through the holiday season is one of self-abandonment. I know that terms sounds kind of harsh, but let’s think about what sometimes happens during this time of year. People can… Spend more than they are making…all in the spirit of “giving” Attend parties they don’t want to be at or…

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Fear and Surfing: Part 2

Fear & Surfing

Suited up with my board tucked under my right arm, I walk up to the ocean’s edge and put my board down to check out this morning’s surf conditions.  After 10 minutes, a group of regulars wish me luck and head back to their cars. With that, I feel my trusty surfing sidekick emerge from within. Hello again,…

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Launch into the New Year!
{A 3-Month 1:1 Coaching Partnership}

Do you have a dream, hope or whisper on your heart? How might your values guide your into the New Year with ease and vitality? If you are committed to living and leading from your heart, I am here to support you through a special 3-month heart-centered coaching partnership! Month 1: We dive into what lights…

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Fear and Surfing: Part 1

i choose love | surfing nicaragua

anxiety noun anx·i·ety \aŋ-ˈzī-ə-tē\ : fear or nervousness about what might happen   Day 1 of 9.  My surf coach Rachel is sitting atop a blue foam longboard about 4 feet away when she points into the waters below her and says in a casual Australian accent, “Hey, look over here at this cool fish!” I start to paddle…

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Where Sunrise is Celebration: Seririt, Indonesia

Half way around the globe from my home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I found a village that knows how to wake up. In Seririt on Bali’s north coast, I stayed at retreat perched upon a hillside overlooking rice fields and the ocean. This was the perfect place to experience sunrise in Seririt, which…

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100 Sober Days

On April 22nd, my husband, a friend, and I took on the challenge of not drinking for 100 days that ended with July 31st’s blue moon. Here are 10 things that came to light: 1.  It was easy and enjoyable! 2.  There is a huge opening in the market for a non-alcoholic drink to complement…

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Alaska: Tatshenshini & Alsek River Adventure

Dave and I just returned from a truly memorable trip to Alaska rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers over 8 days.  Dave has been into rafting since his late teens, and I am very grateful that he’s followed this passion so far to be skillful enough to take the two of us on adventures like this…

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Who Moves to Wine Country and Quits Drinking Wine?

I do. Well, I did. For 100 days. A year full of celebration and change made for plenty of reasons to raise a glass. Moving?  Cheers!  Sad about moving?  It’s okay.  Live in wine country?  Go tasting!  Getting married; got married? Cheers, and cheers again! Heading straight on into another wedding season (friends’ weddings, not my…

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