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WOW: Adventuring with Whales

This past weekend was filled with “Wow!” over here in my neck of the Baja. Together with family, I adventured 4 hours up the coast for an intimate experience with nearly-ready-to-give-birth grey whales. I am still trying to find words for the magic we discovered in Magdalena Bay. I melted somewhat into a land with…

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Fear and Surfing: Part 1

i choose love | surfing nicaragua

anxiety noun anx·i·ety \aŋ-ˈzī-ə-tē\ : fear or nervousness about what might happen   Day 1 of 9.  My surf coach Rachel is sitting atop a blue foam longboard about 4 feet away when she points into the waters below her and says in a casual Australian accent, “Hey, look over here at this cool fish!” I start to paddle…

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Bali & Sumba, Indonesia: 6 Week Itinerary #journeyoftheheart2015

I Choose Love Bali | Stephanie Armstrong

Going to Bali or thinking of traveling there?  I recently returned from a 6 week trip to Bali and Sumba in Indonesia.  Half of the trip I traveled solo, and the other half split between time with a dear friend and my husband. Here are my notes and suggestions for anyone who might find them…

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Alaska: Tatshenshini & Alsek River Adventure

Dave and I just returned from a truly memorable trip to Alaska rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers over 8 days.  Dave has been into rafting since his late teens, and I am very grateful that he’s followed this passion so far to be skillful enough to take the two of us on adventures like this…

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Big Dream in a Hotel Pequeño

“La Bohemia is much more than a hotel. It is the story of our life, our love and our adventure.” – Erin Hayes Wheelwright, Co-Creator of La Bohemia Baja After meeting in Santa Barbara a half decade ago, Andy and Erin Wheelwright quickly discovered a shared passion adventuring – at the Hollister Ranch, through the…

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Day Trip Adventure:
Bolinas, California

The Hubs and I recently enjoyed a day trip adventure to Bolinas, a pocket of magic on the coastal cliffs of Marin County.  Just over an hour from our home in Sonoma, “Bo” is a sea breezy sanctuary for artists, surfers, and Bay Area folks looking to get away. Our trip held an interesting lesson…

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Crystal Clear: 2013

As we launch into a new year, can you see a clear picture of some of things you would like to see happen in 2013?  The clearer your vision, the more likely you are to reach those stars – whatever they are for you: fulfillment, balance, financial freedom, [fill in the blank]. When we are…

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Remembering Jackfruit

Two years ago today, I was in Kerala, India with my yoga teacher, Shiva Rea.  I cannot believe how fast time has past! I share with you a passage from what I wrote then, in a note I called, “A Little Lesson from my Crush, Jackfruit”: Shiva mentioned something today that stuck with me.  She…

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