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WOW: Saying Goodbye to Early Motherhood

I stand at the kitchen counter pulling cilantro leaves one-by-one from their stems.  I rarely put this much attention into prepping guacamole. Pluck.  Gently place.  Pluck.  And, place. The gathering of delicate greens grows into a soft, fluffy hill. I look through the open arch between the kitchen counter and living room to watch my…

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Alaska: Tatshenshini & Alsek River Adventure

Dave and I just returned from a truly memorable trip to Alaska rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers over 8 days.  Dave has been into rafting since his late teens, and I am very grateful that he’s followed this passion so far to be skillful enough to take the two of us on adventures like this…

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Day Trip Adventure:
Bolinas, California

The Hubs and I recently enjoyed a day trip adventure to Bolinas, a pocket of magic on the coastal cliffs of Marin County.  Just over an hour from our home in Sonoma, “Bo” is a sea breezy sanctuary for artists, surfers, and Bay Area folks looking to get away. Our trip held an interesting lesson…

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