On The Hard Road, Success & Choosing Love

Sep 24, 2015

I Choose Love welcomes guest blogger, Nicola Ducharme of The Naturopathic Mama! Below, Nicola discusses her road to success as a doctor, wife, and mom and how choosing love is essential for those with big dreams. I am a forty-something, new-ish mom. As I sit here, it occurs to me (certainly not for the first time)…

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Hello, New Friend!

Sep 16, 2015

A couple days before my Indonesian adventure came to a close, my dear friend MaryCay Durrant sent me an email that closed with the words, “Hello, new friend!” What a gift those three little words are. They are a gift to someone like me who is coming home from a long journey, and as I…

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Where Sunrise is Celebration: Seririt, Indonesia

Aug 7, 2015

Half way around the globe from my home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I found a village that knows how to wake up. In Seririt on Bali’s north coast, I stayed at retreat perched upon a hillside overlooking rice fields and the ocean. This was the perfect place to experience sunrise in Seririt, which…

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100 Sober Days

Aug 4, 2015

On April 22nd, my husband, a friend, and I took on the challenge of not drinking for 100 days that ended with July 31st’s blue moon. Here are 10 things that came to light: 1.  It was easy and enjoyable! 2.  There is a huge opening in the market for a non-alcoholic drink to complement…

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A Pilgrimage to Hiroshima

Jul 25, 2015

“Pilgrims are persons in motion, passing through territories not their own, seeking something we might call completion, or perhaps the word clarity will do as well, a goal to which only the spirit’s compass points the way.” – Richard R. Niebuhr During WWII, my great grandmother “Obachan” was a widow raising three daughters in Hiroshima, home…

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Alaska: Tatshenshini & Alsek River Adventure

Jul 10, 2015

Dave and I just returned from a truly memorable trip to Alaska rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers over 8 days.  Dave has been into rafting since his late teens, and I am very grateful that he’s followed this passion so far to be skillful enough to take the two of us on adventures like this…

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Who Moves to Wine Country and Quits Drinking Wine?

May 22, 2015

I do. Well, I did. For 100 days. A year full of celebration and change made for plenty of reasons to raise a glass. Moving?  Cheers!  Sad about moving?  It’s okay.  Live in wine country?  Go tasting!  Getting married; got married? Cheers, and cheers again! Heading straight on into another wedding season (friends’ weddings, not my…

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On Being an Athlete, Again

Apr 24, 2015

Growing up, I was an athlete, and that was a fact.  Blowing bubbles in the bathtub turned into swim lessons that turned into record-breaking relay teams by age six.  At eight, that relay team was nicknamed the “8-and-under wonders,” and by age ten, we prepped our faces with neon Zinka “war paint” and yelled at…

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On Being the New Girl

Apr 11, 2015

After a three day solo-with-my-dog getaway to Mendocino, I came home to this blog waiting to be written. With my husband away for the week, upon returning to the silent guest cottage studio we currently call home, loneliness welled up from my belly and spilled out into tears. This blog is on being the new girl.  I write…

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When Women Gather

Apr 7, 2015

Without question, women are seeking and finding new forums in which to gather. After simply too many years of television housewife cat fights, airbrushed beauty campaigns, and female leaders pit against one another, we are saying: Enough. It’s gone too far. After too many of us have bypassed our needs and desires to please, to…

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