You are so much more than what you achieve.

Coming of Age | Motherhood | Mentoring | Career

What does it mean to be true to you?

What are you opening to?

What difference do you
want to make?

What's whispering in your heart?


Stephanie Armstrong provides personal growth coaching, specializing in women, teens, and athletes who feel bound by perfectionism or known only by their achievements.

She helps people discover their path to a life of radiant joy by reconnecting to themselves and taking action towards what they want, rather than what they think they ‘should’ do.

Stephanie Armstrong | Speaker


Stephanie's speaking style is truthful and heartfelt. She is said to bring ease and understanding to challenging topics. She has spoken to teen and adult audiences on topics such as:

  • Self-esteem
  • Body image
  • Girls and Women's Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Relationships
  • School Pressures and Success

From 2011 - 2015, Stephanie spoke to over 200,000 students, parents and experts in schools and conferences across North America.


Stephanie writes with transparency as part of her signature style.  In doing so, she brings ease to difficult topics such as perfectionism, privilege, coming of age, addiction, sexuality, social media, family and more.

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The Founder of San Diego-based non-profit Heart of Leadership, Stephanie has facilitated girls and women's groups for over a decade.  She has also curated and moderated Speakers Series events featuring teens, women, and public figures.

She has facilitated for and with organizations such as: National Charity League, Girl Scouts, G3 Conferences, TEEN TRUTH LIVE, The Empowerment Project, Qualcomm, Inc, and Miss Representation.


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Girls Circle

What People Say

Stephanie Armstrong is an amazing woman who has a special gift for connecting with teens, especially teen girls. Her compassionate, thoughtful, and straight-forward approach speaks in a profound way to teens dealing with the complex issues they face each day. Her work at the Center has given our girls a new outlook on life and a path to becoming empowered and confident young women.

- Kevin Robertson, Director of Campus Programs at the San Diego Center for Children

Stephanie is a brilliant leader who brings out the best in every person who collaborates with her. Through her spirit, integrity, passion and commitment to wholeness she produces extraordinary results with ease and grace.

- MaryCay Durrant, Leading Naturally

Stephanie was able to help me unlock my true mission in life.  She created a safe space for me to break through fears and limiting beliefs and now I feel aligned with my purpose. She is a bright light that brings joy just in her presence. I would highly recommend spending as much time as you can with her.

- Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage

I really loved Stephanie’s talk at a girls leadership conference I went to recently. She managed to use her personal experiences to capture the attention of everyone in the room. The intensity and passion of her thoughts were overwhelming and she made a huge impact on everyone. I think that I saw at least ten people with tears in their eyes. Her desire to teach teens across America that there is no “perfect person” and that we should learn to accept and love the person that we are really helped me through some dark periods. These are some issues that (almost) all teens struggle with, and the fact that there is someone encouraging us to think positive thoughts about ourselves, and someone who is there to help us and who has gone through similar experiences is extremely reassuring. Stephanie’s presentation made me reevaluate the person that I am and helped me get on the road of discovering myself, listening to my body, and ultimately, accepting the person that I am.

- Camilla, 8th Grader