Coaching is an alliance unique to each client I work with.  

Our partnership is a creative process designed to inspire you to discover your personal, relational and professional potential. 


You have something you want to share with teens. Or, you're already working with teens and want support in living true to your values as you do.

Let's sift through your ideas so you can start taking action.

I help people like you tune into what they are noticing and gain confidence in supporting young people as they come of age.

In 2009, I started speaking in high schools and middle schools throughout North America.  At the time, I had no experience working with teens.  Since then, I have started and run a non-profit that supported high-achieving girls in the San Diego area.

Teens are drawn to people who are real.  They need role models who are willing to be brave, use their voices, and live their values.

I believe the way forward is to empower YOU.  There are so many young people out there who need someone to relate to.  We know that mentors make a huge difference.



The only thing harder

than being a teen in the 21st Century
Is being a PARENT in the 21st Century.

Colleges.  Fitting in.  Social Media.  Family.  Nutrition.  Friendships.  Mental Health.  Bullying.  Body Image.  SAT's.  Homework.  Extracurriculars.  Spiritual Development.  Emotional Intelligence.  Creativity.  Imagination.  Critical Thinking. Technology.  Leadership.  Sexuality.

...just a few things to key your eye on, right?
I have been working with teens since 2009, and I have loved that work.  However, my passion for working with girls has led me back to the adults in their lives.

Part of the beauty of motherhood is that we all do it different, especially in this day in age.  So I am here to help you choose.  I am here to celebrate you, challenge you, and listen to you.

I want the best for this next generation, and I know that you do, too.


It takes a village to raise healthy girls who grow into thriving adults.


Earning a girl's trust is an
honor.  I have watched first hand
what's possible when girls learn to trust themselves and one another.

Confidence and vision ignite when they start to source and sustain life from their values.



**  If you are looking for a speaker or facilitator for a conference, athletic or school event, please contact me.  I have some availability for single and multi-day events. **

If you are interested in coaching with me, let's schedule a Sample Session.


Do you have teens in your family or career life and feel called to make a difference? 


Coming of age can be a wild ride for your child and for you, too. I'm here to support you.


Cultivate success from a healthy foundation. Discover and use your voice.  Prepare to thrive. 

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