i choose…32

By every stretch of the imagination, I live a blessed and lovely life.  So why is it, then, that a week before my 32nd birthday, I am bummed out and blue? There it goes again – fear running amok over my pretty little life.  With an upsurge of dreams coming true, fruits of hard work…

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Play the Game

You commit to starting a diet and that evening are offered one of your favorite Sprinkles Cupcakes…just a bite, right?  You commit to prayer and meditation in the mornings only to look at your calendar to find a packed schedule for the week ahead.  You commit to choosing love in your relationships only to get…

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Free with you by Cami

Go Through It!

Have you ever felt like no one could possibly understand what you are going through? On the flip side, how many times has someone come to you with a problem or issue, and your first instinct was to try to help fix it, release the discomfort, or judge? This week, I learned an important LESSON…

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In Love

by: ichooselove contributor, Sarah When you hear the words, “in love,” what comes to mind? For most, thoughts wander to romantic moments with another person.  We don’t usually picture ourselves on a solo sunset beach stroll or at a candlelight dinner for one.  Some of us insert our current partners in these mental snapshots, where…

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Choose to See the Best

“You can focus on someone’s guilt, or you can focus on the love in their heart. But whichever you focus on, you’ll be at the effect of.” – Marianne Williamson Do you worry that people will betray or hurt you?  Are you generally trusting? Throughout our days – pretty much all day, just about everyday…

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Only What is Love is Real

Only Love is Real

After an incredible weekend with my mom at Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Miracles workshop, I have been pondering the meanings we put on things, relationships, and everything else in life. I had this beautiful clear crystal mala (beaded prayer necklace) that was blessed by the “Hugging Saint” Amma when I visited her ashram in…

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Picture Perfect Trust

I am a very lucky girl.  I have this place, Torrey Pines, in my backyard.  Okay, it’s not technically my backyard but a quick jaunt down the highway. I try to enjoy time here at least once a week.  It lifts my spirits, opens creativity, and always inspires.  Oh, and for you San Diegans –…

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Hoisting the Sails

Over the past couple of days, I keep watching the thought, “Turn off the motor and let the wind catch the sails,” travel through my head as if on a cyclic repeat. On the yoga mat, I have been present to relaxing into the poses as opposed to stretching, pulling, striving, or even looking in…

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John the Banker

What does it mean to be “faithful,” and when does an exchange go from appropriate to inappropriate? As a single 30-something woman who has been holding out for “the one,” I’ve thought a lot and observed even more about fidelity, and I find the topic one of constant evaluation and self-reflection. What does it mean…

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With a little help from my friends…in Manitoba

I’ve just returned home from a seriously magical 24 hour trip to Winnipeg and neighboring towns. The snafu: Upon my arrival to Winnipeg Airport at midnight last night, I discovered I didn’t have my driver’s license and couldn’t pick up my rental car.  I had to get to my hotel, sleep, be ready for, and…

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