Great Hope for our Future

I recently had a conversation with someone who said he at times has reservations about bringing children into our world because he fears that in our lifetime, our world could become a very grim place.  He wondered if he would actually be doing a disservice to a future child by birthing he or she into a world rampant with social and environmental disease.

Given my worldview, this perspective took me aback.  How could you not want to bring children into the world now?  I believe wholeheartedly that one of the most responsible things we can do is to raise children to be socially, environmentally, and ethically minded contributors to the greater good (if they so choose).  A generation that is connected to their purpose and inspired to make a difference can and will shift us in ways we so desperately need.  The next generation is hope for a new future – where love leads, where the earth can restore and renew, and where people can find health again in themselves, in their homes, and in their communities.

I have great faith in the next generation.

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Before You Start That “Juice Cleanse”…

It’s the New Year, and you’re ready to take 2014 by storm…only you can’t seem to kick the thought that your jeans are fitting a little tighter.  You succumbed to dessert on Christmas, and you weren’t quite able to keep up your regular exercise routine through the holiday shuffle.

juice cleanseOF COURSE, a little 3-day (or 2 week) cleanse is the perfect way to wipe out the guilt of holiday gluttony.  Not to mention that organic juice fasting with all those vibrantly bright jewel-toned bottles of healthiness is just plain sexy, right?

I have cleansed with the best of them (Master Cleanse, green juice, pressed juices, candida, no dairy/gluten/sugar…you name it), and I have argued the case for cleansing for years. [Continue reading]

2013 Lit The Spark

2013, you lit the spark in my bonfire heart...  flipagram year in review … [Continue reading]

On Being wHOLe

Jane Fonda on Wholeness

Wholeness: We welcome life’s opportunities and challenges as essential to the leadership journey.  With grace, we cultivate healthy, loving, and real relationships, with ourselves, one another, and the world.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?  All the … [Continue reading]

“I love my body as it is.”

Robin Lawley on Ellen

I n a recent interview with Ellen, "plus-size" model Robyn Lawley encourages people to accept and love their natural size: Model, Robyn Lawley, is full of wisdom! In her interview, she tells Ellen that if you start to say that your body is … [Continue reading]

Remembering Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference at our Heart of Leadership Launch

Photo Cred: David Moya

Heart of Leadership launched our inaugural Speaker Series Panel yesterday! We opened the evening sharing how and why Heart of Leadership was created.  In doing so, I went back to one of my initial clear moment of inspiration -  Maria Shriver's … [Continue reading]

25 Lessons Learned Over The Past 20 Years

Sunflower in Napa

As we prepare to launch our first Heart of Leadership programs on Thursday, I took a moment this weekend to reflect.  20 years ago, I entered my freshman year in high school - ready to make new friends and take on the world.  The journey since those … [Continue reading]

Don’t Hide. Celebrate!


I have tan, long legs with defined calves. I get them from my petite Japanese mother and tree-trunk-sturdy-calved Caucasian father. When I wear heels or workout shorts, my legs become a statement piece. So I don't wear dresses with heels unless the … [Continue reading]

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove Sketch 2 FInal

Dove has done it again with this video that speaks to the heart of the beauty issue for women and girls.  In this three-minute ad, a forensic artist sketches people based on their own perceptions of themselves and then again how others see them.  It … [Continue reading]

Why I Choose To Lean In


During my freshman year of high school, after trying to reason with my physics teacher when he said that boys were better than girls in science, I went to the headmaster to request that he be reprimanded. I have been passionate about women and … [Continue reading]

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